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How to manage an ankle sprain

Share List   Definitely one of the more common injuries in sport is the lateral ankle sprain. A “lateral” sprain means that it is on the outside of the ankle. It is more common to injure the lateral ankle than the medial ankle, because the ankle joint tends to roll easier, inwards. This inward roll...

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Sleep better for recovery

Share List Perhaps the most underrated element to our health is SLEEP.  Many of us try and squeeze out as many “awake” hours as we can, but often we compromise on the required 8 hours of quality sleep.   Based on the popular book “Why you sleep” by Dr.Matthew Walker, a good night’s sleep requires four...

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Assessment and treatment of tennis elbow

Share List Tennis elbow –Other potential diagnoses -Testing -Treatment options Many health practitioners are familiar with the very common, yet very stubborn condition – tennis elbow. Technically this is called lateral epicondylitis (LE). HOWEVER, perhaps the name for this condition will soon become redundant.

Becoming a physiocologist

Share List You know you really should be doing what’s good for you, but you just can’t seem to get the motivation to do it! Whether it be choosing the healthier food option, getting off the couch to go the gym or doing your exercises the physio gave you. Of course, all of these things...

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Lateral hip pain – An update on diagnosis and treatment techniques

Share List Lateral hip pain – An update on diagnosis and treatment techniques   Paul Michael – Moving with Ease Physio, Robina, Gold Coast. Today’s article will be about lateral hip pain since today my mother asked me if I could treat the pain that has been troubling her now for many months.  Since it...

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Share List Perhaps the most important thing to realize as the practitioner is that there is always limited ability to help somebody.  The path to recovery from an injury is not entirely in the hands of the therapist, rather, it is a journey that the therapist and client must take together.  The goal is for...

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The “WHY” is the golden egg. “WHAT” doesn’t cut it.

Share List ONE of the more common questions I get in my line of work as a physiotherapist is “what is the problem?“.  Of course, this is a very fair question indeed.  You have pain which is creating emotional anguish and physical dysfunction.  You’ve saught help by a professional who knows human anatomy and is...

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Brain maps dictate movement accuracy and control

Share List Why do we need maps ? The body is a complicated structure compromising of countless nerve endings and hundreds of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.  So how do we organise movement of multiple parts, over and over again, in synchrony, all at once?  When you think about it, even going for a simple...

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How do you know when to rest an injury?

Share List So do you push through an injury or rest up? One of the questions that I’ve asked myself on behalf of many clients over the 16 years I’ve spent treating injuries.  It seems simple now with experience and intuition and a DEEPER understanding of what it takes for the body to recover.  But...

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