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How is my ear related to my back pain?

Share List Your brain enables balance via sensory information Our brains are wired so that we can maintain an upright vertical position without really giving it too much thought.  From the time we were toddlers learning to stand and walk our brains had worked out what it takes to defy gravity. We take for granted what...

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Plantar Fascitis

Share List What is it? This very common problem is an inflammation or tearing of the plantar fascia where it meets the calcaneum. Represented by heel pain, it is often felt as if it is a stone bruise under the heel. This is a form of enthesopathy (that is pathology where tendon meets bone) Why...

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Your attention span

Share List ATTENTION! No, not you…….But the subject itself. How is it applied to sports and individual performance? Anyone interested in either should pay attention to this. What is it? Attention is your ability to attend to inside our outside stimuli. It can be focused or divided Focus is your ability to direct your attention...

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Tired eyes when reading

Share List So does anybody get tired when they read ? I know some people who use reading as a tool to sleep ! Although this is a creative way to drift off it doesn’t help when it comes to needing to learn something. I think we all agree that reading is pretty valuable. So...

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Frozen Shoulder

Share List We know very little about the cause of frozen shoulder but some research has revealed that it can be related to a traumatic event, not necessarily to the shoulder in question, but a traumatic event either physical or psychological. The frozen shoulder, also named Adhesive Capsulitis, usually lasts about 9-12 months in total...

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Disc Degeneration

Share List So you’ve been to get your back pain looked at, had a scan and it’s come back with the phrase “Disc degeneration” on it. DO not be alarmed. This is NOT necessarily bad nor a diagnosis as a cause of pain! As a matter of fact, most people as they age get varying...

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